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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  February 28, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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now at noon, the worst of the storm is over but we're not done yet. spotty showers and thunderstorms continue around the bay area. and the wet weather is taking a toll on the roads. the dangerous conditions that led to crashes. several crashes this morning and why one driver was even trapped in his car because of the rain. and it wasn't just the rain that caused problems but also thieves could contributed to flooded roadways in the south bay. the worst of the rain has
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passed through the bay area but it's yet. and the storm has already caused quite a mess. this is a live picture from san francisco looking over pretty gray scene toward the bay bridge. we have ktvu team coverage with our reporters spread out across the bay area tracking fladded roadways -- flooded roadways, downed trees and weather- related traffic accidents. stormwatch starts now. we begin here with rosemary tracking the conditions right now. >> yes. you were here when it was really storming. still at this hour, the wet weather continues. the spotty showers will be with us through your entire friday. you can see stormtracker2 showing you a combination of light showers and moderate showers. we have a few falling over livermore. let's start in the south bay area where we have light scattered showers over san jose. morgan hill and gilroy reporting light showers as well. if we shift into the central portions of the bay, we'll get closer in and around livermore where moderate rain is falling
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around 580, pleasanton, sunol, you may have moderate rain falling over your city as well. as we get into the central bay and north bay, you can see very sporadic rain showers falling but the bay bridge right now, a wet one. san francisco, the sunset district bayview district reporting light showers and over the east bay from emeryville oakland into san leandro. hayward, unmay be getting a slight break at the moment. but we will continue to be in and out of the scattered showers for your friday. and as we roll through the rest of your day, even the possibility of thunderstorms. i want to show you when we actually saw some pretty good reporting from some of the wind and storm damage reported in the area. if i slip into the southern portions -- of the -- portion of the area first. san jose had reported flash flooding at 3:30 this morning.
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mountain view floods as well. santa cruz we had flooding reported around 4:30. in san francisco, standing water reported at highway 101 and. you can see the -- and you can see the widespread reports. utility lines down, trees down i don't expect this to continue for today but we'll continue with the rain. i will have the detailed time line for the rain and we'll take a look at some of the rainfall totals so far with storm number two. the wet weather caused quite a mess during the morning commute. take a look at the road conditions right now. these traffic maps do show some red in san francisco and up in berkeley and a little red and yellow in oakland, but this is a significant improvement from the conditions earlier this morning. and on the roads in the south bay, one of the biggest problems was flooding. ktvu's janine de la vega joins us live from san jose to shows you what it looks like now and some of the rescues that took place earlier this morning.
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good afternoon, janine. >> reporter: we're here in north san jose. we're near brokaw. literally in the last three minutes, this whole entire roadway was flooded. a crew just came and they cleared out the storm drain because cars weren't able to drive through here and just like that, now it's fixed. but cars were going through the flooded roadways at a high rate of speed, it do have been dangerous. this driver learned the hard way what can happen if you travel in a flooded road. he got trapped. this video shows him in waist deep. >> you couldn't see the water. i thought it was clear. drove right in my car started to flood in. >> reporter: what were you thinking? >> how do i get out? >> reporter: a passerby helped him climb out of the window. but minutes later, this white car traveling the other direction got trapped in the pool of water as well.
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both cars been towed and that section was closed. all southbound lanes at taylor were crushed. caltrans discovered the pipe was not working because thieves stole copper pirring. the standing water made for a precarious situation for this fire captain on the way to an emergency. >> i came across four feet of water. it was very sudden. came up on me fast. the water raised over my head. it almost caused me to have an accident. >> reporter: he was on his way to this scene off oakland road near the san jose municipal golf course. in this photograph taken by the san jose fire department, you can see a man trapped inside debris inside coyote creek. he was dehydrated and cold when he was rescued. >> we have firefighters that wear floatation devices who waded in the water, put a device on him and was able to
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drag him out. >> reporter: chp officers, police and caltrans have been traveling to accident scenes and flooding incidents all day long. they are still handling incidents as they come. i just got off the phone with a caltrans spokesman. he said two lanes are open in the southbound lanes of 87 bus they are still dealing with flooding on the roadway there. i'm told they should have all lanes of open by 2:00 p.m. just in time for the afternoon commute. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. good news, janine. taking a live look hat the conditions in oakland right now. you can see all of the storm clouds above the estuary. but as brian flores joins us live to explain, this morning's downpour caused problems across the city. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. we're high above the oakland hills. it's cloudy right now. as we take a look at the traffic, you can see the traffic moving nicely at this
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minute. if you watched the ktvu morning news, you know the rain made quite a mess on the roads and proved fatal. we were there when an suv stalled in the number three lane on westbound 24 west of telegraph avenue before 5:00 a.m. the chp says the female driver stayed in the car when another car slammed into the back of it. when the chp and paramedics arrived, they tried to resuscitate the driver in the suv, but she was pronounced dead at the scene. the driver who hit her was taken to the hospital with unknown injuries. the chp say they don't believe alcohol or drugs were factors. it's also unclear how fast that driver was going. they think rain was a factor. they will bring a mechanical expert to analyze the car. this stopped traffic until about 6:30 this morning when all lanes were reopened. rain caused problems in oakes -- oakland. this is jackson. a large amount of water
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collected on the road. we did not get a call back about flooding in the city. but they will be clearing out drains, culverts and branches to prevent downed trees. as for the rain, forecasters say we're not quite out of the roads just yet. chp says since this morning, they've responded to about 16 crashes in the oakland area. when it rains the amount of calls they respond to doubles. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, brian. we want to show you a rockslide on highway 1 in marin county south of stinson beach. the chp sent us these photographs. as you can see, this is blocking the northbound lane. there's no word when that will be cleared. and wet roads in contra costa county made for dangerous driving conditions. but despite that many residents say they welcome the rain. alex savidge joins us live from concord with that part of the
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story. good afternoon, alex. >> reporter: well, good afternoon. we haven't seen much in the way of damage in this area but there's still quite a bit of standing water in some spots. this small lake formed here in the back of the concord shopping center as strong showers blew through here this morning. and you can see people had the umbrellas out as they rushed inside this concord supermarket. this was during a brief downpour that soaked this area at 10:00. the showers have been off and on all morning long here in contra costa county and this particular burst of rain caught some people by surprise. >> it wasn't raining. now it's raining. i left my umbrella in the car. >> reporter: catch you yf guard a little? >> yeah. but we need the rain. we need the rain. >> i'm ready for a long time. [laughter] >> it was great. it was just great to receive some rain. it will help the drought. >> reporter: and the rain led
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to rhett roads and dangerous driving conditio morning commute. there were a number of accidents in this area. one of the most serious was a head-on crash on marsh creek road near clayton. the chp says the driver of a mazda sedan was speeding and lost control in the rain, slamming into an surf that was coming in the -- suv that was coming in the opposite direction. the mazda driver suffered major injuries. the people in the suv were okay. >> these type of accidents here in marsh creek are very common because people just don't realize that the roadway is wet and slippery with oil on the road. so we ask that you slow down. >> reporter: and the heavy rain and the flooding made life a bit difficult for this bicyclist we saw who tried to ride through this pool of standing water. [no audio] >> we just lost our connection with alex savidge. you can stay up to date with the latest weather conditions where you live with the new ktvu weather app.
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it's available for apple and android phones. ambulance patients now being accepted at one south bay hospital after being turned away earlier. what caused an emergency room to thut down this morning -- shut down this morning. and four current and one former san francisco police officers accused of corruption and civil rights violations make their first court appearance. safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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the united states and germany are both warning russia today to use restraint in the ukrainian region. there are reports that russian troops had taken up positions around a coast guard base and two airports in the region. russia is not commenting on those accusations but it's confirming that armored vehicles from its black sea fleet are moving around the area for security reasons. also today, britain and germany are strongly advising their citizens against nonessential travel to that region. the emergency room at santa clara valley medical center in san jose is back open. it was shut down for a time when a patient who had been exposed to a chemical substance checked in just before 5:00 this morning. a hospital spokeswoman said the map was brought in by ambulance and was not decontaminated.
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the emergency room was shut down, patients and ambulances were turned away. >> nobody treating him has experienced symptoms. he was isolated right away. so he didn't expose anybody else. >> the er was back open by 10:00. the man is in fair condition and is expected to survive. two more people in contra costa county have come down with the measles. the two, both men in their 20s and 30s are relatives of the uc berkeley student diagnosed with measles earlier this month. doctors believe he contracted the disease on a trip to the philippines. none of the three had been vaccinated against measles. the student raised concerns because he had ridden b.a.r.t. regularly before his trip. health officials are not so concerned they exposed others to the disease. four of the six current and former san francisco police
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officers facing charges of corruption and civil rights violations pleaded not guilty this morning in federal court. david stevenson broke the story yesterday that a grand jury had indicted the officers for civil rights violations and corruption. the charges stem from raids on single occupancy hotels in san francisco's tenderloin neighborhood back in 2012. several of the raids were captured on video. four officers today entered not guilty pleas to the charges, all six are out on $5,000 bail and they are due back in court next week. a man who was shot in richmond last night has died. sheriff's deputies were called to the scene on fowrnth street in north -- fourth street in north richmond after a drive by- shooting. a man was found shot several times. he died this morning. no one else was hurt. no i.d. on the victim. governor brown filed papers to run for a fourth term as
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governor. he handed over the forms at the alameda county registrar of voters office just within the past hour. that comes one day after prown announced he would run -- after brown announced he would run for election. he was not barred from running again four years ago. back to our stormwatch. people in the los angeles surbs of azhu da and glen -- suburbs of azusa and glendora worked to protect their homes against mudd slides. a wildfire has left the terrain bare there. with rain this week, there are worries the earth could come crashing in the homes below. some roads have been closed because of mudslides. let's get to rosemary for our weather. the possibility of scattered showers it will be cloudy, breezy. the wind advisory has expired. we don't have any advisories in place for the bay area at the
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moment. giving you a look at stormtracker2, you can see the light rain continuing to fall. very widespread. hit or miss throughout the bay area. this is what we'll continue with for friday. if we get in closer, stop the radar, we can see we've got light rain falling from highway one to san jose into morgan hill. in and around fremont, morgan hill, we actually saw moderate rainfall. you can see light to moderate rainfall still falling in and around union city, sunol, fremont, the rain has hall tie lightened unas well as you are seeing a bit of a break in areas along the southern section of livermore. dublin still seeing light rain. along 880, you have light rain falling into the north bay. we've to the a few moderate cells in and around san rafael perhaps getting on the richmond san rafael bridge you may have it moderate. american canyon reporting light to moderate rain at times as well. gonna back up and show you
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southern california again getting worse than we are, the possibility of waterspouts. they have embedded thunderstorms off the coast of lom post. this has to do with a system that's offshore. i put a circle around it here and i put a six-hour times lapse. you can see it shifting. it's going in this direction and it's going closer to southern california and the center of that storm is where we get all of that energy and that's why the severe weather is expected there. we could see the possibility of a thunderstorm rolling through. we had one off half moon bay earlier this morning. but the most severe weather with the storm is expected over southern california. let's take a lack at the totals. with storm number two in the last 24 hours. fairfield an inch, .94 in
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concord, .610 for napa. down in. there's a winter weather advisory. let's take a look at what we can expect for the rest of today. 1:00, 3:00, 5:00, notice it's the same thing. hit or miss hours. shouldn't be too bad for the evening drive home. here we are into 9:00 at night. it kents and tomorrow morning -- continues and tomorrow moernling it will be -- morning it will be winding down. for the afternoon today, temperatures in the 60s. it will be a little breezy and it will be plenty cloudy out there in the afternoon with a few breaks in the clouds. that will be about it. morning showers for tomorrow, then bebreak away to dry conditions -- we break away to dry conditions and we're dry on sunday. we're partly cloudy but we remain unsettled monday into tuesday. a bay area elementary school principal is inspiring
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his students to get involved in international charity. we'll show you how they are taking action and also motivating adults.
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stocks are just dipped in the red after the s&p 500 rit record territory. some jitters may be on account of the situation in ukraine. it appears weakness was seeping into markets prior to those reports. the dow currently down 5. the
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nasdaq is down 25 and the s&p is down 1. the plan to increase tolls on the golden gate bridge is approved. about two hours ago, the bridge district board voted to raise the toll to $7 in april. after that, the toll will slowly increase to $8 over the next four years. the bridge district says it needs the money to close a growing deficit. for drivers with fast track, the $1 discount will remain in effect for each of the toll hikes. ktvu is proud to sponsor a first-of-its-kind event coming to the bay area. 16,000 students will fill oracle arena in late march to hear celebrity speeches and performances. the event is called we day. you can't buy tickets. the only way for kids to go is to earn a ticket by making a positive difference locally and globally. over the next month, leading up to the big event, we'll be sharing sawyers of children and schools doing just that. today, julie haener takes us to
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an elementary school on the peninsula. >> i don't think we've talked about how free the children started. >> reporter: at this elementary school in palo alto, the principal is inspiring young minds by encouraging students to get involved in the international charity known as free the children. >> we've been doing a lot of sales like every time we have a playdate, we work on like -- we bake things. >> reporter: students such as sophia and sienna are among those taking action by choosing one local or global initiative to work on. and they are earning a ticket to the event at oracle arena. the movement is growing as more and more students look for ways to help those in need in the community and around the world. >> i did a lemonade stand and i raised $24. >> i decided i could make 400 bags to raise $8,000 to build the school. >> reporter: many parents say as they watch their children
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get involved, it's motivating parents to get involved. >> we've done canned food drives, getting school supplies. >> we're going to the read-a- thon update. >> reporter: during a student council update, students talked about their volunteer work and reported progress. >> it rests with the children they are the ones that come up with the ideas. and with the parents, we're second fiddle to the kids. >> reporter: the school is one of 400 schools across the state taking part in we act. and all of the involved agree enthusiasm is building toward that big we day event at oracle arena on march 26th. i'm julie haener, ktvu channel 2 news. rain, wind, even thunder will be sweeping through the bay area throughout the afternoon. our crews are fanning across the bay area to show you the impact of this storm. it's calls rock slides, flooded streets and flooded basements.
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we'll update you on the conditions outside as they change starting tonight on the news at 5:00. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. we are always here for you at and you can follow us on twitter, took. thanks for watching. have a great weekend.
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